2017 Workshops

We all have different Pilates goals.  Our workshops for 2017 will explore several fundamental and more advanced aspects of movement, breathing, and wellness that increase your mastery of Pilates to encourage a strong connection and higher appreciation of your body.

Past Workshops—

February—Women's Pelvic Floor

Date:  Saturday, February 25th
Time:  2:00–4:00pm

Cost:  $35
Instructor: Leia Erickson

In this interactive workshop we explore the anatomy of the two layers of the pelvic floor muscle, look at how and when they are functioning correctly so we can eliminate most of the problems and imbalances in this core muscle group. Once this is understood, we will teach the movement that creates a strong and flexible pelvic floor through through release work.  Use these skills to foster a deeper connection with familiar exercises in your next group class. You'll also receive a handout and tools to take home. 

The pelvic floor is a part of the body you seldom give much thought to until you experience a problem related to it, such as incontinence or lower back pain. However, the pelvic floor is involved in many life functions, such as digestion, elimination, reproduction, breathing and balance. So even if you don’t have a special issue related to the pelvic floor, understanding its role and encouraging its healthy function can contribute to your well-being in all of these areas. 

The workshop is for every woman, active or non-active, young or old. It is especially helpful for pre and post-natal women, those who've had abdominal surgery, back pain or have problems with urinary incontinence.  Even if you don’t have a special issue with the pelvic floor, having a strong and well functioning and pelvic floor is part of taking care of yourself…now and in years many to come.

Leia Erickson
Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Nurse Assistant
Pre Postnatal Certified, The Center for Women's Fitness
The Center Method for Diastasis Recti


Mary Phillips rolfingslc.com

March—Fascia and Connective Tissue

Date:  Saturday, March 25th
Time:  4:00–6:00pm

Cost:  $35
Instructor: Mary Phillips

In this hands-on workshop we will explore our own patterns of movement, from a fascial perspective. We will bring awareness to long held patterns of holding in the fascias in our own bodies, and learn skills to release or change these patterns.  Beginning to be aware of your own fascial holdings can bring depth and clarity to your pilates practice, and to your every day experience of living in your body.

Fascia is the wet, gooey, gliding substance that holds you together.  It is an intelligent fabric that organizes and responds to forces that you experience by living. It thickens and changes to support you in gravity, and to support postural or emotional patterns of holding in the body.  It supports these patterns in the short term, but over time it can become locked or stuck causing painful patterns to become more and more embedded in the body.  By working to release these fascial holding patterns, we can shift these dysfunctional places, bringing ease, more mobility and new possibility for movement and awareness in the body.

We will use movement, self exploration and partner exploration to deepen our understanding and relationship to our own fascia. I will demonstrate some of the ways we work with the fascial system in a Rolfing® session.  This workshop will be a lovely chance to enhance your sense of ease, flow, and strength in your bodies.

Mary Phillips
Certified Advanced Rolfer®