Our Philosophy

"Be good to your body—where else are you going to live?"

This has always been a favorite quote and guiding philosophy, long before YOLO Pilates opened its doors in 2013.  With the proper training, Pilates improves all systems in the body, so you feel like a symphony:  relaxed, uplifted, free of aches & pains, confident and balanced.   At YOLO it's our personal goal to help every client achieve this result.  We offer private training and small group classes—a maximum of 6 people per class—in order to provide the highest quality instruction and offer personal feedback to every student. Inquire with your personal goals so we can create a successful path for you.  Have questions or concerns beforehand?  Our vastly talented and Certified Instructors are happy to help.  


Lindsey Mattison
Owner, VASIE Certified Pilates Instructor

Lindsey loves teaching and is continually inspired by seeing other people enjoy profound successes from sustained Pilates practice. 

Lindsey has been an athlete her entire life. Not the Olympic medal kind, the kind that grew up in Utah with a great big backyard and a sense of wanderlust.  She loves to ski, hike, climb, travel, and dabble in artistic pursuits with clay and printmaking.

The combination of injuries over the years led her to Pilates in her early twenties. A mentor, friend and professor of modern dance suggested she try Pilates as a way to rehab her injuries and continue to pursue her physical passion and love for the outdoors. She did, loved it and became a dedicated student.

In 2005, after many years of personal practice, Lindsey certified in most progressive Pilates program for structural integration with Paul Van Alstine and Ana Kokaurova in Anchorage, Alaska.  

After many years of learning and teaching, Lindsey decided to "go for it" and bring her passion, dedication and vision to her own studio...YOLO.


Martha Howe
STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor

Martha Howe Underwood hails from Ventura, California. She holds both a BA from BYU and MFA from Arizona State University, in Dance and is Stott Pilates certified since 2004. She loves teaching Pilates and strives to deliver a challenging and empowering experience to all the lovely people with whom she works. She doubles as adjunct faculty when not in the Pilates studio and currently resides in SLC where you may find her dancing alongside her bohemian music playing husband or attempting to snuggle up to their pet rabbit, Peanut.


Sarah Morrow
BASI Certified Pilates Instructor

Sarah started teaching Pilates in 2009. She was trained and is certified through Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) in California. Her passion for Pilates stems from her own daily struggles with chronic back pain due to scoliosis, stenosis, bulging disks and Degenerative Disc Disease. Sarah approaches the Pilates repertoire with a mind-body focus, resulting in building confidence and awareness of posture, body patterns and the breath. She is dedicated to supporting each individual on their own personal journey towards strength and alignment in a safe, therapeutic environment. Sarah also enjoys spending time painting in her art studio and exploring the outdoors.

Leia Erickson
Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist certifications with Carolyne Anthony of The Center for Women’s Fitness®

Leia has over 10 years of experience instructing students of all levels and continues to study with well-respected instructors and other industry specialists. Leia has been so fortunate to share the Pilates Method with a myriad of body types and ages. A main focus of Pilates is posture, alignment and length within the body in order to create that wonderful strong balance amongst all of the musculature. She cannot pinpoint which population she loves most, as she loves each for its unique opportunity to teach each person amazing things about their bodies, as well as each body teaching her new things! Always a student herself, Leia is regimented about her own daily practice and continuous study.

During her own pregnancies and while instructing the pre and postnatal population, Leia realized there was insufficient exercise information available for the pre and postnatal woman. Therefore, Leia obtained her Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist certifications with Carolyne Anthony of The Center for Women’s Fitness® and to help fill the teaching void. In 2015, Leia became a certified practitioner of The Center Method for diastasis recti recovery under the tutelage of Carolyne Anthony yet again

Leia gives each student a safe, yet challenging workout by focusing on the needs of each unique body. Leia strives to help educate her clients with the tools necessary to experience Pilates daily. It is her goal to help you live a more pain free and balanced life She understands the true progression of exercises to strengthen and rebalance the body to help it function at its optimal level. And she understands how universally this Method benefits ALL…. for body, mind, spirit & sport!

Greta Martin
STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor

In 2006, Greta moved to Utah for a job, then discovered the outdoor playground that keeps her and attracts her daily. She has always been active; though her biggest motivator was an early scoliosis diagnosis.  As she watched her curvature grow, she remembered the doctor saying ‘keep your back and abs strong to avoid back pain.’ This piece of advice sunk in and became a part of a lifelong workout constitution. 

Shortly after moving to Utah she was taken by surprise when two restraining ailments, sciatica and plantar fasciitis, interrupted her outdoor play. When she looked into the causes for both, she was shocked to find out that posture/body mechanics played a tremendous part in her ailment. She realized there was a lot more to this than standing up straight and dove head first into the world of stability oriented exercise.    

Like the perfect pair of jeans, Pilates has grown to be an integral practice in her life. She found it the ideal cross training tool for her favorite activities, and developed a passion for learning more and the ability to pay it forward through instruction. 

Greta has been a practitioner of Pilates for nearly 10yrs, and certified to teach through Stott Pilates in 2013. 

Rachel Krahenbuhl
Streamline Certified Pilates Instructor

Rachel first discovered Pilates in 2012 while studying Psychology at the University of Utah. She quickly fell in love with the method as she discovered the beautiful synergy between her mind, body, and spirit that Pilates develops. After graduating her passion for health continued to grow as she explored the relationship between physical fitness, nutrition and overall well-being. The desire to share these discoveries led her to Streamline's comprehensive teacher training program where she expanded her understanding and mastery of the Pilates method through two years of study and apprenticeship. 

Today you can find Rachel teaching, biking, climbing, hiking, and exploring Utah. She strives to live by example and help others gain a deeper relationship with their body through quality movement, awareness, and self care. 


Lindsey, changed my life. I have better posture, better body awareness, 25 lb weight-loss and I am completely pain free (!!!!!).

I have better fitness, 25 lb weight loss, longer-leaner neck/legs/arms, and increased flexibility. I am just stronger. Lindsey was my first Pilates instructor and I've had many since. No one is as good as Lindsey, especially when making the connection of breath and body with the movements.

– Melanie W.

I cannot imagine my life without these classes. The reason that I come to YOLO is because Lindsey is the teacher of teachers.  She is a master, expecting a lot from each participant, making accommodations when needed, challenging every participant to do his/her best. At the end of every class I feel that I have been given the best training possible.

– Rosemary B.

By integrating her encyclopedic knowledge of human physiology into the practice of Pilates, Lindsey has developed an approach to addressing individual weaknesses through strengthening and balancing of the whole body. As a competitive athlete, working with her has been instrumental in staying healthy and improving my performance. 

– Patrick S, Xterra World Trail Running Champion 2013-14

No one has ever taken us into account like Lindsey does.  I can really see a difference, I am now able to walk with no pain!  I am close to 61, and with Lindsey's help. I am still very active. I feel very relaxed and have great energy at the end of each session. No one cares about us like Lindsey does.

– Erika M.

I have significantly less pain from arthritis so I am able to move more freely. Pilates at Yolo is restful and invigorating and challenging. I have a pleasant feeling of accomplishment after each class. I feel better about myself and we love our instructor!

– Merry W.

I have gained great physical benefits from Pilates, especially strengthening and lengthening of my limbs and a  stronger core body. Pilates has helped me improve my breathing and movement patterns and has greatly improved quality of my running. I run taller and breathe better. I come to YOLO Pilates because of great instructors like Lindsey!

– Tracy S.

Thank you for being such a patient an wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed all the classes, it helped me push through the last year of my PhD. I could really disconnect from all work tensions and focus on my body in class. Focusing on breath and not having music in class helped me to get my mind to focus too! YOLO is a really great Studio.

Nisha R.


Our Studio

We offer a variety of group classes, private training, and workshops
focusing on Pilates as a structurally integrative movement modality.