Start building your skills from the inside out—
finish with a beautifully balanced body and mind.  

Pilates is a process.  The systematic, structurally intergrative approach we take at YOLO Pilates builds on the skills and muscle training of your mind and body as you progress through our class levels in the Studio. For this reason we require all students to start with the Intro For All: Essentials class regardless of athletic ability or prior Pilates experience (please feel free to call with any questions about this).


We begin building strength and stability in your visceral core—the pelvis and spine—and connect to the extremities in all our classes. These skills build upon each other and are challenged using a variety of props and equipment including the mat, reformer, jump board, balls, bands, blocks and, arc barrels.  All group classes and sessions are 60 minutes in length unless otherwise specified. Our Essentials Level courses should not be considered passe by past pilates practitioners as we teach specific muscle m]balance and breathing control


Intro for All: The Essentials

This is your Pilates test drive.  Perfect for curious beginners, novices on hiatus, or for those transitioning from another Studio.   We cover the basics and inspire you to dive in. You will become familiar with STOTT equipment and receive hands-on instruction and personal feedback unique to YOLO's structurally integrative approach to Pilates.. 

In this 90-minute class, we explore the 5 Pilates principles, provide a personal postural analysis, investigate core muscle groups, and get introduced to the equipment, finally putting all of these skills together with a mini workout on the equipment.

Tuition:  $40
Pre-requisities: None
Includes:  Intro session, plus both an additional Reformer: Core and Mat: Core group class.

*After completion of the Intro class, we recommend enrolling in the Best Basics: Essential Skills Workshop for maximum results.  

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First Five: Private Instruction

It's just you and a certified instructor-working on your personal Pilates goals. This package is perfect for individuals with bespoke needs, trepidations, P.T. referred and individuals who prefer working one-on-one.  Your certified instructor guides you through a balanced workout that ensures you progress, stay inspired and injury-free.

Five 60-minute private one-on-one sessions are tailored to your specific goals, fitness ability, and comfort level.  After enrollment, the Studio will contact you to schedule your sessions.  All 5 session must be completed within 30 days for maximum benefit. The free Workshop is good within 1 year of purchase.

Tuition:  $275
Pre-requisities: None
Includes:  5 one-on-one sessions and a free tuition to YOLO Pilates Skill-Builder Workshop.

Contact us with questions or concerns. .

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We all have different Pilates goals.  Our current workshops will explore several fundamental and more advanced aspects of movement, breathing, and wellness that increase your mastery of Pilates to encourage a strong connection and higher appreciation of your body.


May 8th–24th
Pre and Post-Natal Workshop Series
with Leia Erickson

March 28th—April 25th
Meditation Workshop Series
with Lesha Nelson


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All of our classes are limited to six participants ensuring you receive personal feedback and hands-on instruction.

Level 1: Essentials

Breathe easy. Your best practice begins here. These classes are designed for all beginners. Learn to optimize your core connection with breath through precise, small range-of-motion exercises. These exercises reintegrate your muscle, fascia and bones, creating a long stable spine, good posture and flat abs. Overall, you will notice an increase of energy and stamina, a longer lighter torso, relief from aches and pains, and greater ease of movement.

Level 1 Classes:

Mat I: Core Connect

Reformer I: Core Tone

Foam Roll & Release

Bend & Stretch


 "Above all, learn how to breathe correctly." -JHP

Level 2: Intermediate

Motion is lotion. These classes are designed for those who have integrated their core skills and are ready to challenge these skills at an intermediate level.  These movements Integrate your whole body for an optimal balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance. You will notice an increase in visual muscle tone, flexibility, range of motion and balance.  
Keep it going…


Level 2 Classes:

Mat II: Balance & Coordination 

Reformer II: Range & Resistance 

Jumpboard II: Happy Feet 



"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor."-JHP

Level 3: Advanced 

Free range. You've done the work and integrated your whole body.  These classes are crafted for the advanced, injury-free individual ready to move freely by challenging core stamina, strength and flexibility with  a faster pace and coordination.  
Exercise your mind/body connection and balance with advanced skills.


Level 3 Classes:

Mat III: Length & Strength 

Reformer III: Movement Master

Jumpboard III: Cardio Conditioning



 "A man is as young as his spinal column."-JHP